How Can You Help Keep The Natural State Natural?

Let's work together to create more glass recycling locations in Arkansas.

Here's the situation

  • Most Curbside Recycling programs in Arkansas do not accept glass.
  • As of right now there are only about 15 public drop-off locations in Central Arkansas, and that can only accommodate a very small percentage of glass recyclers.

Here’s how you can help us get more drop-off locations

Help connect EPIC with businesses, organizations and leaders who you think can make a decision to host a glass collection location.

Who can you nominate?

  • Your employer
  • Your church or religious institution
  • Your school
  • A local retailer
  • A political leader


Just complete the form below and hit enter...that’s it!

If you have questions, please see our FAQ below.

Thank you in advance for your help to #keeparkansasnatural.

Recycle Location Form
If a business or organization, who should we contact
If a business or organization, who should we contact

Current Drop-off Partners

Quapaw Tower

West River Condos

Reservoir Heights Condos


We will add more to accommodate the anticipated volume.

Any color bottle glass and rinsed glass food containers. Please exclude stoneware, porcelain, light bulbs, mirror.

Both are OK to leave on the glass containers.

No, all glass containers can be placed in the recycling bin mixed.

No, all glass can be loaded into the recycling bin loose.

EPIC will monitor the volume level and change it when it is needed. If you see that it is full, you can text us and we will change it ASAP.

We do not dump glass from one bin to the other and only swap out full carts with empty.

Any place that is convenient for recyclers to drop off their glass.

100% of the glass is recycled into new products.

Glass Recycling Hotline