Help us keep glass recycling in the Natural State.

Let’s make it easier to recycle glass in Little Rock: tell your city leaders that glass recycling is important and make a stand to keep pushing our community and state forward.

Keeping Arkansas NATURAL

Many Arkansas cities don’t accept glass in their curbside pickup because of the hazards it poses. If not separated at the curb, glass can cause numerous problems with the recycling process. With over 31 years of experience working with glass, we are committed to keep our state natural and closing the loop on glass.



to ensuring a better and healthier future for Arkansas with our new Glass Recycling Program to eliminate glass from our over-flowing landfills, reduce environmental concerns, and reduce manufacturing costs.

Closing the loop infographic
Glass bottles


3% OF ENERGY is reduced by using recycled glass in manufacturing.

1 TON of natural resources is saved for every ton of glass recycled.

6 TONS of recycled glass equates to 1 ton less CO2 (carbon dioxide).

8 JOBS are created for every 1,000 tons of glass recycled.


Here at Epic Glass, we have dedicated our efforts to closing the glass loop so that each piece of glass is recycled into new products. From being indefinitely recyclable to creating jobs, glass is a major resource that needs to be utilized better in our state. With your help we can save energy and reduce waste all while making Arkansas more beautiful. We are proud to take on the responsibility to handle central Arkansas glass recycling.