Recycling Matters

Thank you
for your interest
and recycling glass.

Contact your City Leaders to VOTE NO
to adding it back to the curbside bin. Here’s why:

Let’s make it easier to recycle glass in Little Rock: tell your city leaders that glass recycling is important and make a stand to keep pushing our community and state forward. We welcome you to contact your city leader below and tell them you WANT glass recycling and we’ll take care of the rest. We have provided an easy message but your personal comments would be more powerful. Please feel free to either edit the message or send as is. Thank you for helping!

Please sign up for curbside service or find a drop off center. Please thank and support the business who is supporting this effort to help Arkansas be more sustainable.

The best way to speak out

is to email your city officials directly.

Open Letter to City Officials

Dear City Leader,

We have been following the glass recycling issue in the media over the past few months and are concerned that our city no longer offers curbside glass recycling to its citizens.

In speaking with our family, friends and neighbors, so many of them are supportive of curbside pick-up because it encourages all citizens to conveniently participate, increases the volume of glass recycled, and will ultimately be positive for our city. Many of us feel the small cost associated with this effort is well-worth-it versus the added burden of taking glass to regional drop-off centers.

We encourage you, and our other city leaders, to be “forward-thinking” when it comes to recycling glass! With so many communities around the US recognizing the multitude of benefits that come from initiatives like this, why would our city reject the efforts to forge a public-private effort to engage services?

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If you do not have an email reader setup on your device, you can manually copy and paste these email addresses into a new email and send it directly to your city leaders.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,